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the moodsign device number one


Dr Dick's Reviews 2013 Awards
simple, fun, and effective sexual communication

“In a relationship, 90% of all communication is non-verbal.”

- Dr. Scott Ketring, Ph.D.

How does it work?

The moodsign device is a tool that offers a fun alternative way to initiate sex,
replacing "wanna have sex tonight?" with a fun and flirty signal.

Feeling frisky?

Raise an arm of the moodsign device to clearly let
your partner know that you are in the mood for love!


Raise one arm
of the moodsign


Choose a color
of your liking


  • • Initiate sex in a new fun and flirty way
  • • Stop the guesswork and avoid frustrations
  • • Never miss opportunities to have sex!

“The moodsign doesn’t interfere with spontaneous sex.
It is to flirt and to fight complacency.”

- Dr. Gloria Brame, Ph.D.

Hot sex and communication go hand-in-hand!


Since the lighted arms can point down, outward, and up, they can signify interest in and availability for some kind of sexual intimacy.

“If Ken was hot to go, he’d raise his lighted arm all the way up. I could then respond by raising my lighted arm to ‘hot-to-go,’ ‘maybe,’ or ‘not now, but thanks for asking!”

- Ken & Denise


Couples can create their own secret color code to signal the kind of intimacy they are into: for example, pink for ‘cuddling and mindless TV,’ purple for ‘bubble bath,' yellow for ‘romantic dinner,' orange for ‘sensual massage,’ or red for ‘a quickie’...

“There was this one time that Ken and I got our signals crossed, so to speak. I was expecting a backrub and he was expecting a blowjob. Instead of getting all freaked out when we realized the mix-up, we just laughed and laughed. In the end, he got what he wanted and I got what I wanted. Why didn’t someone think of this before now?”

- Ken & Denise

We suggest at least one color be reserved for non-sexual communication so that if the couple gets into an argument they can signal either their frustration or that they are ready to talk.

The moodsign is not meant to replace spontaneous sex: it is there to enhance communication, and to give couples original and sexy options to overcome routine and complacency.

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