Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Moodsign?
The Moodsign is a device and a game that help your relationship by letting you clearly signal your desire to your partner and not miss each other's signs!
Where can I buy The Moodsign?
Currently, you can only order The Moodsign on our web store.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we currently ship to Canada and most of Europe.
Taxes, duty, or custom charges due from orders sent outside the US are the responsibility of the buyer.
All New-York residents must pay 8.5% sales tax.
** Any package shipped outside the Contiguous US may be subject to additional shipping charges.**

If you want to buy the Moodsign and you are not in the currently available countries, please let us know by sending us an email at We'll see what we can do!
Does The Moodsign require batteries?
The Moodsign does not require batteries for basic operation. Simply raise or lower the arms to signal your mood. The light, which helps enhance the effect, requires three AAA batteries (not included) and is needed to play the Moodsign card game.

We suggest that you use rechargeable batteries to be more environmentally friendly.
How long do the batteries last?
The Moodsign can stay constantly lit at minimum for 2.5 days with one arm at full intensity, and more than 10 days at low intensity.
When batteries are low, colors will change progressively, intensity will decrease, and device will eventually start flashing or stop functioning properly.
Using yellow, orange, pink and blue lights drains the batteries faster than the red and green colors.

Please visit our product manual page for more information.
How do I operate The Moodsign?
To take one arm out: press the arm towards the device to release the arm. Move it into the desired position.
To control light intensity: tap the front of the device, right or left, to control intensity of the light.
To change the color of one arm: use the buttons in the back of the device. Each button controls the corresponding arm (left/right). Each click cycles through the 6 available colors.
To choose a random color: press and hold color selection button for 3 or more seconds.

Please visit our product manual page for more information.
How do I control the light intensity?
You can control the light intensity for each arm: tap the front of the device, right or left, to control intensity of the light.

Please visit our product manual page for more information.
How do I select a random color?
Press and hold the color selection button (left or right) for more 3 or more seconds.

Please visit our product manual page for more information.
I’m a guy, shouldn’t my arm/sign always be up?
Although it’s true that some men want to get intimate 24/7, stress induced by work, finances, or other causes can weigh on males’ libido as much as on women’s. Consider this: If your Moodsign is always up, and then one day your partner notices that it’s not, it will definitely lead to a discussion about what’s going on. That’s what the Moodsign is about: communicating with your loved one.
My partner’s sign is never lit up
This is definitely a sign that something is upsetting your partner. No Moodsign is a sign. It’s time to sit down and talk, to discover how you can help make her/him feel better.
How can The Moodsign help our relationship?
Experts agree that improving communication about intimacy can improve your relationship outside the bedroom, too. The Moodsign eliminates guesswork and missed signals, so you and your partner are “on the same page”.
Where do I put my Moodsign?
Although the Moodsign is a very discreet device with no specific markings regarding its intended purpose, it's possible that with its success people will begin to recognize it. Therefore, we recommend you place the device in a location where only you two can see it: in your master bathroom, in a closet, on a nightstand, or maybe in kitchen. If you have guests, you may not want to display your intentions publicly. If you have children, you don’t want them to ask one day: “Are you and Daddy gonna get some tonight?”
How far do I raise the arms?
The Moodsign is all about fun and creativity. Make the Moodsign your own! You can simply raise your arm up or down, or you can create your own intimacy code by raising your arm at different angles to signal your increasing mood and build up your partner’s desire.
Where do I leave a message to my partner?
We encourage you to leave a message to your partner next to your Moodsign, because after all, the Moodsign is all about communication.
What kind of message should I leave?
It can be really simple loving words like “Miss you,” “Have a great day at the office,” or “You’re the best.” It can also be things like: “I’ll bring your favorite flowers tonight,” “Let’s go on a date Thursday,” “Movie night?,” “What would you like for dinner?,” “Can you please make sure that the kitchen is spotless?,” “Please take the trash out,” “Make sure the kids have done their homework”. Remember: it’s all about communicating better and some messages can even be “Had a bad day, need to talk”, or “Feeling worried.” Improved communication will lead to a stronger relationship on every level.
Who should I buy the Moodsign for?
The Moodsign is a perfect gift for bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings. It’s also perfect for Valentine’s day. You might also simply want to buy one for your friends.
Can I order the Moodsign card game separately?
Absolutely! Although the game is more fun when played with the Moodsign device, you can purchase the cards separately. The Moodsign device is used to select a card according to the random color generated by the Moodsign device. However, you can of course choose cards by closing your eyes and drawing a random card from your partner's hand instead!
What if I have more questions?
We’d love to answer any questions you may have and to hear your feedback about the Moodsign.

Please visit our contact page to get our contact information.